Pastel study from split showing the circular dome and central sky hole of the vestibule of Diocletian’s retirement palace at Split. The sun shines through onto the warm stone and tile walls and the lantern of the cathedral tower can be seen against the deep blue sky. Conte Crayon on black paper. Advertisements

This oil study of a horse’s head was made from a photo taken at Hadlow College stables.

Oil study from a photo at Dungeness trying to catch the moment a wave breaks and the fall of sunlight on the spay and foam. herring gull in foreground gives depth. Oil on paper.

Still life view of Hadlow Castle Tower with stones from the original ruin and bones with ivy. The study celebrates the restoration of the tower, a 170ft high folly. it will be part of a Tower inspired pop up gallery exhibition in Hadlow on April 13,14, 20 & 21.

Oil on Canvas. The decorative top of the tower of Hadlow castle painted in the morning sunlight from my top room. Part of a number of tower inspired paintings to celebrate the completion of the restoration project.

large oil study of orchid flower, about 10 x life size. At this scale the bloom takes on an almost sexual conotation.

A zig zag road in Cumbria in the rolling landscape near Coniston. I sketched the landscape when I broke down at the spot and liked the angles and colours of the view. Oil on canvas.